Manage all your data in one place with


With our new interface the management is easy and you have all the data at your fingertips.

Reach whatever you need in less than 4 clicks.

Data Management

With our data management you can improve your workflow.

Eyesoft 10

Years of development have allowed us to bring a completely new version of Eyesoft, new features have been introduced and a lot has changed over the years. For those who use Eyesoft from its earliest versions, it will find a different world that still respects the key lines traced from the beginning by Dr. Paolo Bernasconi.

Eyesoft is a software designed by a doctor for doctors.

Patient data management

The new patient management interface is even simpler and clearer. All data can be recognized at a glance. With our Covercard module you will be able to import all the necessary data in less than 5 seconds.

Send and receive data

With Eyesoft you will be able to interface with any medical instrument, our compatibility grows year after year and even today we can count on complete compatibility with more than 100 medical instruments.

Eyesoft Clinic

The clinic in Eyesoft, conceived and created at the beginning by Dr. Bernasconi, was completely renewed under the graphic aspect and enriched with new features, while maintaining a strong link with the guidelines established more than 10 years ago by Dr. Bernasconi.

Eyesoft payment interface

With Eyesoft you can easily manage the economic aspect linked to the patient from the main screen or even directly from the clinic; going from consultation to invoicing in less than 4 clicks.

Letters Management

In Eyesoft, incoming and outgoing correspondence can be managed from the main screen or as for payments directly from the clinic, creating letters, reports and recipes has never been easier.

Documents Module

Included in Eyesoft you will also find the document module, this module will allow you to create Word / Pdf documents automatically filled with patient data ready to be sent by email.

Manage your surgery plan

Intravitreal injections managed in a simple and effective manner with the presence of graphs on the adaptation of visual acuity

Schedule your time with

Our Agenda

The new agenda has been completely redesigned for the management of any type of medical office.

Time Management

Managing your waiting room
has never been easier

Schedule your daily consultations.

With our new Agenda it is easy to find the best time available for the visit and the desired doctor. For the remainder Eyesoft has an effective automated tool for managing and sending notifications to patients, via SMS. The aim is to signal the approach of an appointment to patients in complete autonomy, drastically reducing the number of absences or forgetfulness.

Organize your work with the Eyesoft To-Do

Control workflow and the communication with various assistants through our new ToDo.

Manage multiple users

The new agenda allows the management of up to 10 doctors simultaneously or the entire week for the individual doctor.

Bill Control

Improved and faster bill control, integrated directly into the agenda, is the ideal tool to get a quick and detailed overview of the daily billing status or of certain periods of the year.

Agenda’s search options

Speed of navigation and advanced search tools, speed up the work of your secretaries to make the work of managing the calendar quick and easy.

Be in control of your income with our

Billing Module

Significant improvements were introduced to the Eyesoft invoicing module, simplifying the entire part relating to sending invoices.

Invoices Management

Your income

Constantly under control!

Billing Management

Our new management interface will allow you to access the screen containing all payment information with just one click.
All data can be easily filtered and consulted without moving to other screens.

Billing – Create and Send

Creating, Sending and checking the status of your payments has been facilitated by dividing it into different phases that will allow you to manage your work in blocks so as to avoid errors or shortcomings.

Billing – Cash and Close

Checking the status of the bills can be done directly from the Eyesoft payment module. By checking the v11 files generated by your bank you will always know which and how many invoices have been received.

Analyze your praxis in any aspect with our

Statistics Module

The Eyesoft Statistics module has been expanded so you can now analyze in detail any aspect of your practice.


In-depth analysis tool

for your practice

Accounting statistics

The financial progress of your study at a glance, on this we focused on realizing this statistic and the result from the feedback received reflects this description.

in-depth analysis

With more than 30 different statistics we can affirm that we can offer valid tools for in-depth analysis of your doctor’s office. The statistics are constantly updated thanks to the feedback we receive from our customers.