Sure, just enter the statistics, choose the employee, and view the “Occupation statistic excel” list starting from the desired date. An excel spreadsheet is calculated for the chosen employee and for an entire month, where for each day the total number of slots in the diary is shown, how many are available taking into account […]

Scenarios are combinations of diary panels from each doctor and that apply to all stations in the doctor’s office (unlike presets, which apply only on the machine where they are set). To define a scenario, the quickest way is to configure the desired combination, then press the S button, choose a meaningful name and – […]

On September 30, 2022, QR invoices will become the only type of invoice in Switzerland. In Eyesoft you can already use this format, if you have a QR IBAN (this code is provided by your bank and is associated with your existing account, no need to create a new account). Ask your bank and contact […]